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Hybrid Solutions

Having an overview and feeling that you have good control over the fish on board in the tanks, whether at sea or on land, is always an important factor to ensure correct handling. It is critical that you manage to make the necessary adjustments in time if something happens.


Well boats transport tons of fish at a time and when measured in kroner, it is often about tens of millions. It is therefore not surprising that fish welfare and monitoring are one of several important success factors that require good control and not least peace of mind. Bad systems that cannot be trusted breed uncertainty and, in the worst imaginable consequence, wrong decisions.


We at Seavision, together with our closest partner, have designed and created what we call Hybrid Solutions. A system that combines the best of two worlds. In the surveillance world, we refer to this as analog and IP.

Well boats

Is it possible to get the best from two worlds? Yes, we think so!

That’s why we have designed Hybrid Solutions Systems.

This system is aimed against wellboats and bigger systems.

If flexibility, connectivity and redundancy is key to your system? 

Hybrid Solutions includes these features at a great price-point.

Låsering 60&105 serie 2.png

Cameras and Lights

Cameras and lights designed for use under water.  Our systems are used for inspection and monitoring, either as standalone units or as part of a setup in a Well boat, on a ROV or Net cleaners for the fish farm industry.  
We deliver products with quality components from known suppliers such as MacArtney, Sony and Watec.


We supply complete camera systems (above and underwater) adapted to the customer's needs in retail, mining, smelter, transport, construction industry, offshore, maritime and farming.

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Harsh subsea cable

We use a unique molding and sewing process to get a very strong bond between cable, connector, and molding compound. We custom make splitters, connectors, cut-to-length cable, and connection boxes.

Assembly services

We can meet your needs as a partner in electromechanical assembly.

We can also assist with solutions,

  • Electronics design and product design

  • Technical documentation

  • Suggest components and parts

  • Obtain prices

  • Make purchases

  • Assemble/produce the products


Product overview

Products for the professional market at advantageous prices


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